Why the Spiritual rut?

I don’t know really why I’m writing this early in the day… especially since I do my best thinking when it’s late at night, but whatever, I’ll go with it. anyways, I feel like I’m in this spiritual rut… I really don’t like it. I feel like somehow I’m disconnected with God. I think it might just be me, cause really, I haven’t really been doing anything in life right now. I haven’t really started working or anything. I’m taking it easy and I guess it’s just my mind wandering and thinking of things that really aren’t anywhere near where I really stand with God.

I do know though that this tends to be a trend even with the most Christian Christian. I know we all go through times in our spiritual lives where we feel like we’re not connected with God. Most times it’s out of stress and just us feeling like God hasn’t answered our prayers. Of course I also don’t pretend to say that those are the only times or the only reasons as to why.

I do pray that i get out of this rut. I don’t like it. I hate feeling like I might be separated from God. Anyways, with the help of the Lord, I know this will pass. Although I will keep doing my part to get rid of this feeling. I will read the word and pray. But at the same time I do feel like that’s not enough. And to some point I think I know that. God will have to do the rest, or show me what else it is that I need to do.

Anyways, this is it for now I guess. Maybe later I’ll have more or something else to write about. So have a great rest of the evening and God bless. Remember to talk to God today and to listen to what it is He has to say to you. It might just surprise you. 😉

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