“For Young Women Only” Review

A couple days ago I finished reading this book and I have to say it was insightful. It definitely brings some light into the male mind. Although that I have to say that some of what it said didn’t surprise me. Guys are predictable, but some of the things that were mentioned explained some things.

I do have to say that although I had already figured some of the things the book talked about already, it was interesting to read that guys don’t like the fake bake* or cake face* on a girl. Which is weird because even though, according to the book, they say that, I find myself seeing all types of guys going out with girls who fake bake and have a cake face.

I recommend this book to any girl who is interested in the mind of a young man. “For Young Women Only” interviews guys in their teens to twenty. Also it takes quotes from “For Women Only” from guys twenty-one and up. Although I do recommend this book to girls and young women, I must advise that you go into reading this book with an open mind, and I also suggest that you don’t take some of what they say personally. Remember, if you read this book it is because you want the honest truth.Even though I haven’t read this other book…. because I am not a man and don’t find the need of knowing about my sex, I recommend guys read “For Young Men Only” and “For Men Only”. If you’re interested in learning about the female mind, why not find out from girls and women themselves.

*Fake bake = spray tan, tanning bed

*Cake face = too much make-up to the point that sometimes it looks like a thick layer of make-up

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