Prayer To My Heavenly Father


I thank You for everything You have done in my life. Everything that I have is because of You. You have given me another day, another minute, another second of life. You are all powerful and omnipresent. You are always there when I need You and when I think that I’m fine on my own. You have never not heard my prayers and my praise and worship. I thank You for just allowing me to be. I thank You for the love that I don’t deserve and the forgiveness that I so desperately need.

I thank You for allowing me the opportunities that have come across my life and for the lessons that otherwise would’ve never been learnt. Thank You LORD for the people that you have put in my life and the ones that You’ve allowed make their entrance only so I could learn something and then for You personally to walk them out of my life after that. Lord, I thank You for everything; my friends and family and those who I deeply care about.

I ask that You keep them safe and let them be of testimony of the life that only You can provide. Lord, I ask that You open the hearts of the people that I love that don’t know You personally. That somehow they would want to learn more and more about You. Put the right people in their lives Lord. There are so many corrupt and evil people out there Lord, that they meet the ones that are Yours Lord.

Lord, I thank You for Your lovingkindess Lord. I thank You for Your forgiveness of my sins Lord. Help me Lord to in all the ways of my life Lord exemplify the lovingkindness of Your heart.

Lord, only You can know everything that I need and want for my life. I just ask that You let it be what is in Your plans. That it is Your path that I follow and not mine. Use me this summer Lord in a way that makes a difference. That those that come in contact Lord see what You are.

Lord, please provide me with a car. I don’t have the money for it, but I know nothing’s impossible with You in the picture. That car Lord, that I want, it’s not much Lord, but it will get me around. I don’t pretend to want a new car or a “stylish” car. I ask for that car Lord. You know which one. God, every time I see it out in the parking lot I ask You for it Lord.

I know that first I need to get my license and I just ask that You put that right person Lord that will help me. I don’t want to depend on public transportation or those around me Lord. I know everything is possible for You. Please Lord. Please.

Lord, thank You for this new job Lord. Please let it all go well. Father, thank You for never forgetting Your daughter who is in need of money to be able to buy fall semester books. Please keep me in mind Lord as I’m only half way there. Please open more doors for me. Allow me more hours at Delia*s. More experience wherever it is that will help me in the future.

Lord, as I lay to sleep soon, I ask that You keep me and my family safe. And that if it is Your will alive to see another day. Thank Your for everything and everyone in my life. Lord, You know that as long as I’m alive I will continue to bring You praise. You are worthy of all praise. I give You my voice and my talents to use for Your Kingdom. Your name be glorified!!

In Your Son’s name,


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