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I was thinking this time last week that right now I’d be writing about what I thought about Eclipse, but I never went to go watch it. :-/ It’s a bit disappointing, but I was told we would go this upcoming Saturday so that helps. And I can’t wait! 🙂


Matthew Bomer.

Can someone explain to me how this cutie can have the most gorgeous eyes? Hehehehe. I haven’t been 100% up-to-date with “White Collar”, just because where I’ve been, they didn’t give us the USA network. But what I’ve seen, I’ve liked. He’s a pretty good actor and his character is very charming. It’s sad to see though that the media has to make up rumors about his sexuality. I don’t know if he’s gay, bi, or straight; and that really isn’t anybody’s business. Although I do gotta say I have seen pictures of him kissing another guy…. Now, I don’t approve of homosexuality, but I’m not a homophob. Let’s just get that straight.

I do gotta say that the questions about his sexuality are ridiculous and I applaud his answers. They are a private matter.

But off of that topic, I wanna post some pictures. ;D Hehehe. Here we go:::

Hehehe. Gorgeous, right??? 😉


Uhhhhh… What else could I possibly talk about right now????


I’m still thinking about him…. Pretty ridiculous… *sigh* Oh well. What else can I do? Nata finally read my post where I admit that I’m most likely in love and of course I got the

I told you so.

from her…. Hahaha. I might never actually live that down…. And my mom still thinks the same thing, I deny it of course. I don’t need one more person rubbing it in my face.

Anyways… I can’t believe I still think about this guy on a daily basis. I realize that he doesn’t deserve it and that this way… Who knows if I’ll ever meet anybody. It’s funny because since I have the “in love look” guys are pretty much keeping arms length away. 🙂 Which helps, but it keeps me from meeting new guys.

Like this one guy at my church. He’s new. And I mean I don’t like the guy, but he intrigues me… I’ve made it my goal to meet and get to know him. It still hasn’t happened… Hehehe. Eh. I still have time. He keeps to himself and I’ve only seen him talk to his family… But I don’t like people like that… Reason? Because I’m like a fly then, attracted to the light. Hahaha. Weird analogy, but you get my point.


Let’s see…. Oh so there’s this man at my church who decided to be nosy and listened in on a conversation that wasn’t for him to listen to and now “he’s offended.” Give me a break! What was said in this conversation was a joke and in part true and this guy took it to the heart. Point is, now he’s acting like a five year old girl with his feelings hurt. And thing is he did exactly what God says not to do. Ugh! I got so peeved when this idiot said something, but at the same time I felt bad. I apologized, but I didn’t say it wasn’t true because it was. Basically my mentor and I were talking about what the choir was going to sing for Christmas this year and she had me listen to some of the music. In one of the songs I heard, I heard this male voice… Wow was it beautiful! I told my mentor, and then I asked where she was going to find a voice like that. There ISN’T a voice like that at my church and I told her that. We started laughing and jokingly she told me I was being mean. I answered no, I was being nice. Then she leans in and tells me that in fact there ISN’T a voice like that in our church. Now something that only those close to me know is that I can have a very sarcastic sense of humor. And my mentor definitely knows that – reason why she was laughing too. But this “man” doesn’t know me well enough to know that, though he saw us dying of laughter he took it too seriously. Ugh! I think he should’ve come to me personally and told me this, but instead he finds the need to put me out to dry in front of the whole praise group. I apologized and explained, not in detail because it was none of his business or the others in the group’s business, what was going on. I explained that I have a sarcastic sense of humor and that that’s why I was having the conversation with my mentor. He didn’t accept my apology and showed his true colors that night. I find it funny now that I think about it because that’s what you get when you stick your nose in where it doesn’t belong. 🙂 Oh well. I asked God to forgive me and I know He has. As for this guy… It’s his problem.


It’s not new that Bolivian men annoy me, but this guy just doesn’t get that I don’t want him close to me. It’s really annoying. My mom even noticed and brought it up…. Ugh! He’s such a pushover! I hate that! I know some women find that attractive just cause they can boss him around. I on the other hand find that a DEFINITE TURN OFF. Reason?? I need a MAN! I need someone that can lead, not just follow. 😛 But I do gotta say that it’s amusing to see how this guy will go along with whatever I say. Though no thank you. I should maybe, to get him off my back, mention that I’m in love with someone at school… May be the only way…. Not only him but my ever so friendly stalker [insert sarcasm here.] I think I will. 😀


What else……………………………….

I WILL NEVER EVER ACCEPT TO TAKE PICTURES for this one client. Ugh! Horrible client! She was complaining about how her daughter looked orange and how her hair looked like she had grey hair. The woman is stupid! Not only did the pictures come out GREAT! But it’s not my fault that her daughter decided to TAN BEFORE PROM! Ugh. I’m going to take my sweet time with these pictures and she’s definitely gonna get over charged. Once again, SHE’S RIDICULOUSLY STUPID! UGH!!

Little prayer to my heavenly Father::

Lord, please help me with this one. You know I’m doing what I can, but this woman wants the impossible. Please give me the courage to tell her to her face that I’m overcharging her and why. I can’t do this alone. Please help me keep my cool but at the same time be tough. Thank You Lord. In Your Son’s name, Amen.

Only way for me to get through that one.


I’m going to be dog sitting the three weeks before I head to school! Nata and her parents asked me to take care of their most spoiled pup, Rocky. I’ll be getting paid for it. 🙂 Isn’t God great! He hasn’t forgotten my need! I’m excited. 🙂 Unfortunately for me he’s not exactly potty trained… :-/ We’ll see how that goes, but I’m excited.


This will be it for now. 🙂


Did something you regret? Ask God for forgiveness. He forgives our transgressions even when we don’t deserve it. He is the only One to really forgive. 🙂 He loves you more than you’ll ever know and because He loves, He forgives. 🙂

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