Time, Him, Random Blogs?

I honestly don’t know what to say… I’m so completely out of it today. It’s odd to think that I could be so bored. I mean it’s summer and I have no school, but I think that might be it. I’m not in school. I don’t have a schedule that I have to follow. I think that might be what bugs me the most. It’s odd if you think about it, because who in their right mind WANTS a schedule, let alone one that involves classes and homework. Ha. I always knew I wasn’t normal, but really? School?

Anyways, I think I need to get a schedule ready for myself. Maybe that way I wouldn’t feel so bored out of my mind and I would actually get things done. What exactly would be on my schedule… I don’t know. …This might take a while… Oh crap…


I still think about him a lot. Honestly, this is REALLY getting old! You would think that it’s about time that I would be completely over this guy. Honestly. I know where this is going to head… A rambling about how much I hate this but how much I like him. Ugh! I hate myself for this.

I saw this quote on a xanga quotes blog and it made me think, of course. Hahaha. Here it is::

Has there ever been a guy that you just couldn’t get over no matter what you did? I think your heart is trying to tell you something. Maybe you’re meant to be together but he’s just too blind to see that.

Could this really be it?? Could it really be my case? At this point I really hope so because I don’t know what else it could be… I mean I don’t know what else could be the reason for this man to still be on my mind. Ugh! Here’s something else::

and every time i try to think of another man, i always end up thinking of you all over again.

This can’t be any more true for me right now. I honestly TRY. I mean I am consciously trying to move on and think about someone else, but it doesn’t help… AT ALL.

Well I don’t know what else to do, except to continue praying for the Lord to change things… And hoping that someday He will.

Until then I guess I will just have to deal with having this guy on my mind.


I want to start a blog with quotes that I love. They’d be from everywhere. Books, movies, songs, famous people, the Bible, those that people find but never figure out where they came from. I have a xanga and a blogger. I don’t know which one to use. Right now both blogs are still on standby till I can decide which one to use…. The other one i guess I could use for….. I don’t know. I’d have to think of something…. maybe I’ll move my book reviews to the other one. I think that would most likely be on blogger. Then I could do more with the quotes blog. Of course the links would be posted on here for everyone to be able to check it out.


I think this is it for now. I’m talking to nata on fb chat and I want to finish watching Good Will Hunting.

So I leave you with this:: If you are a church member, make sure that where you are you are being fed. Otherwise, what’s the point? God wants us to be fed, He wants us to be able to grow. Also keep up with your quiet time. I’ll be the first one to admit that lately, that’s where I’ve slacked and I don’t like the feeling. You’ll grow a lot through that too. 🙂 God bless!

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