Summer: Meeting New People

I’ve come to realize in the last couple of days that I can easily go back to the girl I used to be… meaning the one that loved talking to the new people at church, specifically young people. It seems like I’m breaking out of the shell that I, myself had cased myself in. And although I’m not all the way there on how I used to be, I’ve at least seen that I can get close. I think that for now this is the best thing. After all, I will be leaving for school again soon. But I’m pretty sure that somehow God will use what’s going on now there too.

My relationships with some of the young people at my church has definitely gotten better. …At least from what it had been the past year and a half. I’m glad for this turn-around. It’s always a good thing when you can see positive changes in yourself and others. And sometimes that only comes around when you and that other person can be at peace.

This summer I’ve been blessed enough to meet some pretty cool people… At least what I’ve come to know of them. My co-workers from Delia*s are really good girls. They’re fun and full of energy. The managers, at least the ones I’ve met and worked with are pretty down to earth and chill. I like environments like that, it’s when you feel you can be yourself and not be judged. 🙂 The newbies at church seem to be cool. The girl is talented and I know God will use her in a big way there… even by taking my spot. Which I have to say is a bit unnerving, but it can only be because God has something better planned for me. Her friend, seems chill. He’s not THAT much of a talker, but I think that’s only because he doesn’t really know anyone but the girl. But that will change as they both get more involved in the church and especially with the youth. The other guy I’ve met there is in the states visiting his father from Puerto Rico till the beginning of August. He seems cool. I’m very intrigued by him too. It seems like we might be on the same brain wave. We’ll have to see as the summer progresses.

I am truly being blessed by the new people I’m meeting and re-connecting to. God knows why these people’s lives have crossed mine and how long they’ll be intertwined and for now I  think I’ll just enjoy it.

When this road of summer comes to its end will be sad, but I will be ready to return to normalcy. We’ll see who makes it past the season. 🙂

Goodnight everyone! 🙂


God bless. 🙂 —– Ask God to rain His blessings on your life. He will not disappoint. 🙂 It’s okay to be specific, it doesn’t mean you’ll get it, but He’ll be happy to hear from you. He’ll give you what you need for the time, but He will also give you what you want… within His reasoning. O.o Ready to be surprised?? Talk to Him.


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