Closing In

So… I know that I’ve been doing a bit of a bad job when it comes to having new posts up, but it’s been kind of an odd summer. Well, I don’t know if odd is the word, but for my first summer home from school, it’s definitely awkward.

I will say this, Friday I will be heading back to the burg and I couldn’t be any more excited. It’ll be great to be back to some sort of normalcy. I’ll be back to see my friends and get back to work. And of course…. him……. Well, that’s if God decides to be even more awesome. Hahahaha. I’m going to have to find a job once I get down there. Thing is I would rather try to find a job on campus because I really don’t feel like having to put up with the racism in that town… not that campus is all that better. But still…… I have filled out applications on campus, but nothing has turned up. :L Honestly, it’s not looking good on that front.

I am starting to feel sad to leave my loved ones here. I’ve had an okay of a summer and I’ll really miss friends and family that I will leave behind. I’ve spent time making new friendships, fixing old ones and nurturing current ones. Also I’ve been trying to get rid of the thorn that’s been there since last year. I hope that I’ve finally been able to, of course with the help of the Lord, but I don’t know how much this kid will leave me alone.

Turns out that halfway through the summer, said thorn sent me an email… I guess he found a way around me blocking his behind on my account, but what it said I will translate:

My heart still beats for you.

Ugh! Can this not be anymore of a pain?!? Reason why I say this?? My thorn, is my stalker. The one that said he was using me because he missed his girlfriend?? Yeah, that jerk. Anyways, I did not just leave it alone. For those who know me know that that is not possible for me to do. So through the same site I post something on there and send it to him along with a very polite but very direct message. Now, if you don’t speak Spanish, there are two ways it can be spoken: formal and informal. I chose formal because I didn’t want the guy to get the wrong idea and that I was just playing hard to get. Here it is:

I don’t want to know anything about you. Please leave me alone. God bless.

What was on the site that I sent the link of? Just talking a bit about him… you know… HIM. How I was in love and that I couldn’t wait to get back to see him. I don’t know if it actually hit home with him, but whatever. I decided with a friend that I am about to leave and I’ll be able to get away and just be me and happy. Without the creepoid trying to get close to me.

Anyways, I’m still dog sitting for my friend Natalie and unfortunately that is coming to an end. I will be leaving Friday and he will be leaving Thursday afternoon. My mom and sister have fallen in love with him. Honestly, how could you not? Ha. Anyways, this was a good experience and definitely something that I will treasure. Like I mentioned before, now that I’ve done this I wouldn’t be so opposed to having a dog once I start a family, meaning get married. 🙂 😉 Well someone is coming to mind when I say marriage. Hehehehe. ♥

So… I pray that this upcoming school year is filled with blessings, growth, wisdom, and FULL of love. 🙂 I do keep praying about him and I think I will continue until all hope is lost… meaning when I find out that he’s gotten married… actually before then. When I find out that he’s 100% taken. Which I don’t know if he is or not.

I just want to find the right one and I seriously think he could just be the one. If he isn’t… at least I know. I will admit that I tend to kick myself in the butt because I never told him when I had the chance…. Oh well. Too late. But if I get a second chance, I think I’ll take it. I’ll make sure I do. Otherwise, my friend Ashley S. has the right to hit me to knock some sense into me…. just not too hard. 🙂

Well this is it for now. I’ll see if I can update as the packing process actually begins and then once I’ve gotten settled in.

Oh yeah. One more thing. I pray that this roommate is 1000000 times better than the past two roommates. I will say now that if they read this, that will be embarrassing. :S

Have a greatly blessed night. Remember to ask God to forgive you for your sins. He will forgive. He loves you too much for you to go through life not enjoying it because He didn’t forgive you. All you have to do is ask. 🙂 God bless. 🙂

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