Sophmore Year

So I’ve finally made it to my dorm. I’ve been here about two days and I have to say it’s been the weirdest experience ever. First I would like to start off by saying that I have never had two of the most difficult days.

I love my mom to death. She’s an awesome woman… But she knows how to get under my skin and since the beginning of the week she began. I honestly can say that she had never made me so mad until yesterday. You know how they have things that they know about you that if they really feel vengeful they’ll use it to embarrass you? Yeah, well she did that yesterday. I had had enough of fighting with her. Everything we were fighting over was stupid or had nothing to do with me. Beginning with my little sister, who mind you is 19. Adult enough don’t you think? Well apparently I was the one that had to find her a ride to school and back. Why, you say? Because she goes to school at Paul Mitchell and if she were to take the bus it would be too much of a hassle to get her big thing of supplies on and off the bus. And I guess it was my fault, because my mom wasn’t going to be there to take her, but seriously. She knows people, she’s just lazy.

Anyways, come in moving day and it’s crazy. The night before my mom and I had spent it arguing over my sister. Honestly that was the topic of our arguments all summer. So we were not really on good terms. And throughout the whole day that we spent getting down to school and then getting them to my room, she was always picking fights. After a while, I honestly just got a migraine. It tends to happen when there’s a lot going on and/or my mom decides she needs to start arguments and I’m trying to hold my tongue.

I’m excited to be back and ready to get to work. My roommate seems like she’ll be awesome. I’m ready for it to BEGIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN! 🙂


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