I’m on a Korean High

That is what I’m going to call it from now on. It sounds weird, but I honestly don’t know what it is I should call it… But I’ll explain and then maybe it’ll click as to why that’s what I’m saying I’m on. So be patient. But let me say that God has done great things this weekend and surprisingly it was all in suburbia USA. Haha. Falls Church to be exact and this high is just a small part of it… well more than just a small part if I were to be completely and utterly honest. 🙂

I guess I should start explaining… So let me begin. 🙂

So this goes back to last semester when one of my friends here at school got be hooked to Boys Before Flowers. I loved the show!! I honestly at first was hesitant to give the show a shot because this friend of mine had tried countless times to get me to watch other foreign movies/shows and I just wasn’t all that into them. But this show was so different. Now BBF was in Korean and for some odd reason – that I still cannot recognize – I fell in love with the language. It was weird. Well in Korea many of the celebrities are multi-talented and one of my celeb crushes from the show was in a band. I, however, was not aware of this. My friend then finds his band on youtube and send me one of the videos. What do you think that did to me??? It sent me into a whole other phase of this current insanity! I started looking for more music. Little to my knowledge, I had already come across some of the same videos and same bands previously when I was looking for new music on youtube. I didn’t pay them much attention then though, but now… I couldn’t get enough of it!!

I found out that the show had a second season so I stopped short of the last episode so that I could find a way to watch the second season right afterwards [to this day I still haven’t been able to finish the show…] But instead I found myself looking up shows in Korean on the same website where I was watching BBF and I found  A LOT!

To move along a bit though, I became fascinated with the language and the country. Of course along with the people and their customs. I began trying to figure out a way that I could begin learning the language. I found youtube videos and then my friend sent me the link of a website she had found that could teach me. I started watching the videos trying to soak everything. By the time I came back for Spring Semester, I was already aware of their alphabet and had memorized a good chunk of the characters. I had some of the numbers down and some phrases. I was determined to learn! I wasn’t going to let the comments of those around me get to me and discourage me – though it was disappointing to not get the full support that I had hoped for.

I came back and told my brother about this new, crazy, random passion that I had acquired. He didn’t seem to understand it but he supported me. Around that time he met one of my friend’s roommate from last year. She’s Korean! He offered to ask her to teach me and he would learn along with me [Ha! This road alone takes us through another story that I might write about later on… if I really need material. -_-], but there were conditions to him asking her that I will not go into here… but lets just say that it meant me getting out of my comfort box. Anyways, he ended up asking her and she agreed to it. Night of the Super Bowl I received my first lesson along with my brother.

Now I have weekly lessons and have only had the misfortune of missing one class. 🙂 I am taking the lessons very seriously and have learned a lot. Along with the website that my friend provided me I have well over two hundred phrases and words that I’ve learned. I am doing the extremely geeky thing and have two notebooks and a growing set of flashcards. One of the notebooks is where I take the first set of notes, the second one is a mini notebook that I take with me everywhere and the flashcards are still trying to get caught up with the notebooks. Haha. One thing the flashcards have the the mini notebook doesn’t have is the Hangul written out, which are the Korean characters.

Anyways, to kind of begin to wrap this up… During spring break I made it my mission to visit the Korean Congregation at my church to observe how they worshiped and what their services were like. I asked one of my friends from home/my own congregation to go with me to which she agreed to. The first Sunday I was home the time changed and because of that we ended up standing outside locked out of the service [which I must say might have been partly true, but we probably could’ve found a way in]. With one failed attempt under our belts, we were determined that my second/last Sunday of break would be a success. We were both even more excited at the thought of our determination to go in. We were not going to let anything stand in our way… and I was praying that God just allow me to visit it. I prayed He removed any and all obstacle that would keep us from entering the service. God did not disappoint.

That second Sunday we made it in. 🙂 I think I can speak for the both of us when I say that we were nervous, excited, and just ready to take the whole thing in. I can say that I only understood one word during the sermon, God. It was interesting to see how traditional (by American standards) the service was, but that didn’t take away from it’s newness. I will admit that that was kind of what I had expected. It’s not to say anything negative or anything, but from looking at the culture and the people, they are conservative and somewhat traditional.

A little side note:: Koreans when they are learning other languages tend to have some difficulties because they don’t really have an “R”, “V” and some sounds sound off for them. So for someone who was learning Korean and Spanish together, it must have been hard at times.

The only reason why we left as early as we did was because I had to get back home to get ready to head back to LU. We were invited back whenever and we agreed to go next time I’m home [to which is now making me homesick because I want to go back!!]. Danny gave me homework for next time, which I could’ve done then and there but I’m not going to lie… I was VERY intimidated! What is the homework you ask?? To speak one sentence in Korean. 🙂 I could’ve given him a couple then because I do know a few.

So, my Korean high?? It’s lasted for about four months, but it is only getting stronger. What do I think God has in store for me with the Korean world and even this Korean congregation??? Beats me. But I am excited to see where it’s headed. 🙂

++Can I admit to something though before I finish?? During prayer time during the service [and there was a lot of that!] I kept praying that God worked in their hearts to accept us and for us to make connections. I prayed from them to be open to us there and wanting to return. In the end, God delivered. Will He allow the same atmosphere next time we go?? I sure hope so. 🙂

I can’t wait to go back and be amongst them.






2 thoughts on “I’m on a Korean High”

  1. Hello!! I am that SOME friend! ❤ Lilians a dork!! Im gonna find cute Koreans and mess with her!! 😉 If she one day gives testimony of how she got involved I hope she'll put my name in there!! lol! (Go DR!! 809 bebe)!

    1. Okay so I didn’t know it would be okay to have your name down. If you want I can go in and edit it and put your name in??… Let me know. :]
      By the way, you already mess with me when it comes to cute Koreans! 😛

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