Third Year – Junior

Seems like this year, school’s going to be a lot more hectic than before. I’m going to be working part time and going to school full time. I’ve never done that before, so I’m kind of scared of how everything is going to work out. But I have come up with rules, limitations and goals to help me keep my head on straight and stay focused.

I want to have a deeper relationship with God and therefore a better understanding of Him and what He wants for my life. So this year I’m starting off with the mindset of a year where it’ll just be me and Him. It’ll be hard, but it’s not impossible. And to help things along, this year puts an X on guys. So no crushes, no interests, no wanting a relationship. I just want to stay focused on getting lost in God. I’m so grateful to have awesome friends and roommates that will help keep me accountable. So with their help, I’m sure that I will stay on the path I’ve decided to go down. I’m also very excited because a good friend of mine and I have decided to have somewhat of a Bible study group. We’re still trying to figure everything out and right now we just want to start with the two of us, but I have a feeling God will have it blossom.

In academics, I want to get onto Dean’s List. I want to be so focused on schoolwork and I want those good grades. So goal for this year: Dean’s List. Only one other person in my life knew about this goal till now, and that was one of my roommates. I think it’ll be nice for me to have that goal and really push myself. So here’s me trying. Gah! I hope I can at least get close.

I also want to meet a lot of people this year… not just this semester, but this year. Now I’m not going to lie, I’ve sort of gotten even more introverted since everything last year, but I want to put myself out there again. I do want new friendships. It’d be a nice change so to speak. But I also want to work on my friendships now. I have so many people around me, I want to work on making those friendships stronger. I want to make time to hang out with certain people, and I want to have friendships that will help me grow as a person and as a Christian rather than have people who will only drag me down. So here’s praying that I find a crack in the wall that I’ve put up to keep myself “safe”.

Now, I don’t know if I want to start going to one of the Korean churches here. I do, but then I don’t. It really has a lot to do with the whole Korean thing taking over my life. And if I want to remain focused, I have to put some things off to the side for the time being until I feel like I can handle and have control over my hobbies. Weird to say, but true. I would like to go to one of the Korean churches here, but in the past year or so… seriously, I’ve become so shy… I don’t really want to go by myself. So I don’t know… I might go, but I might ask a friend if I can tag along when she goes. And it’d be less stressful since she’s not Korean either. 😀

Anyways, going with that whole Korean thing, I’ve decided to cut off Korean dramas, movies, and the such during school. So in other words, once break time comes around I can watch as much as my heart desires. 🙂 But while school’s in session, I pretty much have to cut it off. Or at least learn to limit myself to a certain amount of episodes a WEEK and down to a movie a week or something like that. I still have to try to figure everything out.

Work, I think I’m going to enjoy. It’s at a cafe of sorts, but at the inn. So I’m happy and on the upside I’m going to know the majority of my co-workers. So that’ll be cool.

So all in all, I have the right mentality going into this year and I have the right people to keep me accountable for each area of my life. I’m excited to see what God has in store for me this year. I’m going to try to make the best out of being here at Liberty.

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