God and Me Year Part 3 – Love Story(ies)

There’s been a couple love stories being played out in my life. What do you understand by love story though?? Most think boy falls for girl or girl falls for boy. Let me get this straight though… I’m talking about one great LOVE STORY and then some smaller love stories that are girl falling for boy.

The one love story that I’m enjoying every minute of right now is the one I’m having with God. Can I just say that He’s the Great Romancer, the Perfect Boyfriend. When I  think of the way that most girls want guys to be certain things for them… I can now say that I have someone who “completes me” or “fills in every piece that’s missing”. When you think about it, no one can do it but Him. To Him, I’m beautiful, I’m special, I’m one of a kind, I am worth knowing, I am worth having around…. Girls, have you ever felt all that all the time? Most likely not. Why? Because no matter how much we would like to have them (guys) make us feel like that ALL the time, they’re incapable of that. Even though I have people around me that make me feel like I’m ugly, worthless, nothing all that special, God reminds me that the only person I should worry about how He sees me is Him. Isn’t that amazing? He loves me despite my imperfections. He is someone who doesn’t leave me if I screw up majorly. He instead picks me up and loves on me. I have someone who wouldn’t trade me for anybody else. I’m His. As I continue to seek Him, He romances. I feel His love. It’s definitely an amazing thing.

But I’m not going to lie… It seems like there are guys in my life, that no matter how much I try to have that barrier there… It’s not working all that well. I have stories… Even though I am focusing on God, somehow I’m having feelings surface for certain guys. I’m having my own stories with them… Not to confuse with love or even a love story. It’s embarrassing, it’s funny, it’s cute, it’s what my life is turning out to be.

Hmmm… Let me see if I can put a number… I don’t know if I can… Because something I think might not be all that of a story has turned out that others around us would count it as one. But from what I know there’s two. Both Asian. One a servant of God, the other… I hope one day he’ll become one (please pray that those that have direct contact with him can have opportunities to talk to him about God’s love).

Now, I have stories and moments with them that I am being selfish about telling others. They’re moments where I had to catch myself. There are moments that I have shared with a handful because even though they were PRECIOUS to me, I needed to just let someone know. I have stories that my friends have witnessed. I have thoughts and feelings as well that I have been selfish with, shared to few, or my friends saw me go through…..

That’s all I will say about that. I have them both in prayers. Not how other girls have their “crushes” in prayer, but in the sense of praying that he becomes stronger in his faith, we become better friends, and that he becomes more resistant to bad influences (seems I have to pray a bit harder on that one) and the other one… For him to recognize God as his personal Savior and for us to have a closer friendship. I pray more for their spiritual lives and their physical health than for one of them to like me. I have come to the conclusion that it’s really pointless and stupid to pray for that. If they like you they like you. If they don’t… well they can someday, but if they don’t you can have some great friends. 🙂 God will inevitably give you the right person for you. For me whether it’s one of these guys or not,  only time will tell.  I pray for them and will continue to do so. They’re on my list of who I need to pray for.

Until I walk out of my last final exam in the Spring… my ONLY love story is the one I’m having with the ULTIMATE BOYFRIEND.

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