Lost and Hurting Youth

I haven’t written anything on here in a while. It’s been a rough last couple of months… I will resume with the God and Me Year series on the next one. I have learned a lot from doing a school year of no dating, but for now… I will write about something that sits heavily on my heart.
With this post, I guess you can say you will be able to see what God has placed on my heart.

So I just read that another young Korean actress committed suicide… Yet again, another life lost. Cut short by her own hands in claims to end depression. My heart truly aches for these hallyu stars that end their own lives due to depression. It’s sad to see it play out in the media. Young lives who are in the spotlight. They have everything earthly they could want… but it’s still not enough. It doesn’t fill that void that’s inside them. How could it? These young lives have a lot going for them, a lot of people looking up to them. It must be hard. On top of that they’re pressured to always be thin, always look good, they cannot let their guard down on the topic of beauty.
Unfortunately for Korea, though it is the country that has the biggest mega churches, the country with the most missionaries being sent out…. their youth aren’t being reached. A lot of these churches seems like they don’t have a plan when it comes to reaching the young people in their communities. They keep their traditional ways that don’t appeal to their young people.

From what I can see… It doesn’t seem like any of these mega churches try to also reach these celebrities. These celebrities who are also young people. These young people who are constantly trying to live up to this ideal that doesn’t exist. These young people who sometimes sell themselves for the job opportunities that they want. These young celebrities have a lot of pressure coming from all around.

I guess one could blame their companies who don’t necessarily have anyone to come alongside these artists to help them work through their stress and depression. These companies who instead pressure them to try to live up to society’s ideals that no one can meet. Not to mention that it’s come out that in one company, would force them to do sexual deeds if they wanted to succeed. Has anyone ever wondered if after that type of incident, if they have ever gotten some sort of help? Psychologically… spiritually??

I pray for these artists. A lot. I will re-admit that I’m an enormous fan of the hallyu wave celebrities and as much as I love what they do, I pray for their souls. So many people forget that they need the Savior that others of us have. Someone who will fight for them. Someone who is so big, so powerful, so loving. They need Someone who will fight for them. Someone that will fill that empty spot that is so desperate to be filled. They need people who will show them the love of Christ… even if they themselves reject them.

As for everyday young Korean people… my heart also breaks for them. Korea has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. Many youth don’t go to church. Don’t know His love. Just like their “idols”, they don’t know what it means to have Someone unconditionally love them. It’s said that a lot of the youth that go to church have been raised in the church. Apparently, very few young people will walk into a church from the streets.

How upsetting is that? Korea’s next Christian generation is almost non-existent. People need to step up and reach out to the youth. People need to accept the Lord’s calling to reach out to them. God has called people to the ministry in Korea. Even if you don’t feel called to go and do ministry there everyone has the responsibility to pray for today’s young people; whether in their country or globally.

This is a video that broke my heart even for Korea’s youth even more. Jaeson Ma, for those of you who don’t know, is an evangelist. His ministry and heart is for Asia and Asian-Americans. He is a man of God who is seeking to bring Asia’s young people to God. This video is a bit long but it is worth watching/listening. It has Korean subtitles, so feel free to share it with your Korean friends…. or anyone and everyone for that matter. Jaeson Ma – Prayer For Korea

Will you take up God’s calling??

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