Is It Really Always Ring By Spring?

I’m taking a small break from studying for finals (which I really shouldn’t because I would love to go to sleep now… but alas, this topic seems to be around me a lot tonight). 

Going to Liberty University, we’re encouraged to find our better half, our second pea in the pod, our soulmate, our the one while we’re here. It’s almost expected. But what if Spring is really when couples don’t necessarily make it that far? What if instead of the ring, they break it off?? 

The two stories I heard while I was on campus studying tonight are very common. They either change how they see the other person, or they need to refocus their attention and their significant other doesn’t understand, or they need to take care of themselves for once. Sometimes it’s a combination. 

As a single female at this school I feel pressure to find someone, but people barely talk about what happens when it doesn’t work out… Why do these people separate or how they’re feeling. As a single female with many friends in relationships, I do look to them to see what the latest dating trend is. As weird as that sounds…. And when I hear about friends breaking up, it makes me sad and glad that I’m not in a relationship. 

I guess what I’m trying to say… very incoherently btw, is that it’s okay to not rush into a relationship and not to be too eager to get the ring by spring. Just be happy where you are. The right person will come and you’re ring by spring will come. 


**I’m sure I’ll come back to edit this to have it make more sense….**

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