God and Me Part 5 – A Woman’s Worth

Lately, I’ve been reading a lot of Christian self-help books and even though it sounds INCREDIBLY corny it has actually been helping me a lot lately. I know I know. How to be a woman of God doesn’t sound that appealing… even to women. But I have come to see that it is actually REALLY important for us as women to understand exactly what it means to be a woman of God. I will say that not only have the books and the Bible been helping me out, but so has being around so many Korean young women.

Let me tell you this, you thought preppy white girls were feminine?? They have nothing on Korean girls. They take such good care of detail it’s pretty ridiculous. They are a beautiful race of course, but they are FEMININE! Like a no joke type. There’s nothing wrong with it. Actually, I have come to like it. It is through being surrounded by them that I am coming to accept what I am…


Though it’s hard and a bit on the annoying side, becoming more feminine has actually been a bit fun. I’m still at that spot where I like being less on the feminine side and more on the masculine side, but I don’t mind it so much if I have to dive in with both feet into feminine waters.

It is turning out to be an interesting ride. I have come to understand and believe 100% with my heart as to why God created a woman. We are man’s ezer… which means savior. God created us to help man out. To be there for them and help them (let’s admit it now, men NEED LOTS of help… haha.) out. Not only for our (future) husbands, but to the men around us. Those that are in our lives at any point in time. It’s interesting to begin thinking like that when your whole life everyone puts down the fact that you’re a woman and cannot contribute anything beneficial.

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