God and Me Year Part 6 – HeartBroken But Not IdentityBroken

Most girls when they get their hearts broken, they tend to have their confidence go down to the dumps. It’s a normal part of the female life… guy breaks your heart —>girl cries —>friends are there for her —>her self worth goes down… Why? Because if she was in love with the guy, like REALLY in love, she begins to think that she did something wrong. Now this isn’t always necessary the case, but it is a very common scene.

I used to be like that… Even if I wasn’t dating the guy, but I had invested time and effort into the friendship in hopes of something else, I used to think that maybe I was the problem and not him. If my case now would’ve happened last year, let alone last semester, this would’ve been the case. I would’ve hated myself for being the problem and the reason for this idiot to be this way.

It isn’t the case this semester. I got my heart broken pretty bad this time around. I don’t know if I was in love with this guy, but I did like him very much. To the point that I was going to do a lot for his birthday (it’s coming up in the next three weeks). I was ready to spend money; invest time, effort, heart into it. But he just had to go and act like a child.

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