I’m Back?

Woah! It feels odd to be back on this blog… Tonight I’ve been doing my own digging through my past thoughts and posts on Facebook when I came along a post I had shared that I had written here… Who would’ve thought I still innately remembered the password? I don’t know if the drafts I have on here are finished thoughts or not, but I’ve published them if you want to see where I actually left off in my challenge to have a year of singleness in college.


A lot has happened since I was last on here. It’s been maybe around four years or so..? I’m back home. I didn’t get to finish school (not yet but that’s still a priority). I’m now working in insurance and finally have my license (it was intense). I forgot the girl I was in college where I relied heavily on God and my faith in Him…. I’m now the leader of the translation ministry at church and currently the only member on the team. I have a nephew now who’s about to turn three. My niece is in summer school so she can be at the same level as those kids that went to Pre-K. My mom – as far as we know – is cancer free after her surgery to remove a tumor. I am currently on a fitness journey to slim down after gaining a ridiculous amount of weight because of some medication… I was severely depressed for some time. I now have it under control due to medication. I am back on the makeup train. I’m venturing into making my makeup instagram grow (a challenge I took on about two weeks ago). I’m 27 about to go on to 28 and still single. Hmmm… am I missing anything?? Most likely.

I guess I just wanted to update. I’m hoping I can find the girl I was back in College. The girl full of faith, positive messages, and love for those around her. Customer services jobs have taken away my love and compassion to some degree. Although, really thinking about it… my heart has hardened to people as I’m all too aware of the evilness and rudeness they can posses. I didn’t realize until tonight when I was going through really old posts, how different I am to then. I was also a lot more outgoing and engaging. That isn’t the case as much now. Should I have you join me on my journey to find that part of me again? I’ve been trying to finish a book written by the same author as Captivating and I have been struggling through it. I need a way to push myself to continue bettering myself not just physically and mentally but spiritually. You can be my accountability partner. I won’t take on the challenge I last did on here that I never really finished writing about… I’m older now and as much as it is possible to have another year of singleness, I’d like to be able to think and pray and contemplate the idea of needing to think of getting married soon… not that there is a man in my life now… but… let’s not drag this any longer than it needs to be or more confusing that it already is. I’m sure the topic will make itself to this blog.


Hopefully this works…

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