Life. Love. Whatever.

I guess here I go again about how I feel about this guy.... Really, I'm disappointed in myself. This is ridiculous! But... I read the status of one of the girls I know and she posted this quote: i remember the first time that i really looked you in the eyes. i was thinking to… Continue reading Life. Love. Whatever.

“For Young Women Only” Review

A couple days ago I finished reading this book and I have to say it was insightful. It definitely brings some light into the male mind. Although that I have to say that some of what it said didn't surprise me. Guys are predictable, but some of the things that were mentioned explained some things.… Continue reading “For Young Women Only” Review

Why the Spiritual rut?

I don't know really why I'm writing this early in the day... especially since I do my best thinking when it's late at night, but whatever, I'll go with it. anyways, I feel like I'm in this spiritual rut... I really don't like it. I feel like somehow I'm disconnected with God. I think it… Continue reading Why the Spiritual rut?