They totally deserve to win! Despite the dirty game by Netherlands, they came out the best team! Of course!! Spain was waiting for this for a while. Glad to see that the mother country won. Netherlands made a lot of fouls and therefore basically gave Spain tons of opportunities to score. ---------------------- Guess that darn… Continue reading ¡¡¡¡VIVA ESPAÑA!!!!

World Cup: Argentina vs Mexico

Okay, so the Argentina VS Mexico game is turning out the exact way everyone thought. So far Argentina is winning 3-1. I mean COME ON! Is it really a surprise? NO. Hehehehe. Mexico, going into the World Cup was already thinking they had won the Cup. Uh, no. Not even close. Messi, #10 has definitely… Continue reading World Cup: Argentina vs Mexico

Soul Searching

Usually I don't like writing here so often...... just because, but lately I've had a lot on my mind and a lot to say. So I figure for some of those things, it's best to just write it down, hence why I've been writing here more often than I prefer. Recently (in the last day… Continue reading Soul Searching

What’s going on

I finally started working at Delia*s and it has truly been a blessing. Out of the three fellow newbie fashion reps I've met, they all know someone that goes to Liberty. Of course I don't know who they are, but it's cool to see the great things people have heard about a Christian school. :)… Continue reading What’s going on