God and Me Sort of Year Part 1

So... This whole singleness for a year thing where I just focus on my relationship with God has been a struggle... I'm not going to lie. At first I was like, "This isn't going to be difficult." THAT WAS A LIE! I understand why friends were telling me it was going to be hard, because… Continue reading God and Me Sort of Year Part 1



Okay, so a couple nights ago, I wrote Bahaha!... That night... I wasn't in my right mind. I wasn't... And usually if I have crap going on with me, I'll vent about it to friends or write it down, but never publish it like I did this time. I would like to apologize to the… Continue reading Apology

God’s blessings and him……..

this week i feel has gone by somewhat fast. it's pretty ridiculous. i've been home sick, but i can feel the days passing me by. i got a job offering to help at a studio. and last night i got another to take pictures tonight of my friend and her high school friends for prom.… Continue reading God’s blessings and him……..